Our Work

We have several case studies across a variety of industries you may find useful.

Our Work

We have several case studies across a variety of departments you may find useful.

Orebody Knowledge

Ore Lineage Model

Using analytics, we were able to track the movement of ore at an excavator bucket level to the processing plant, while retaining all the data that describes the characteristics of this ore.

Having built the Ore Lineage Model – a “big data” project that digitally re-mines the client’s ore deposit from project inception – the analytics team were able to apply this new knowledge to the development of predictive models.

Human Resources

Staff Turnover

Are there leading indicators for staff turnover? What might assist in the retention of people?

We employed Advanced Analytics to identify several causal factors for staff turnover, with several actionable recommendations emerging including a redesign of the recruitment process and the effective application of psychometric testing to the recruitment process, among others.

In the following 12 months the staff turnover rate at the organisation plummeted.


Cavity Detection

Can we improve the safety of a mining operation by identifying subterranean cavities before they pose a risk to personnel?

Together with the Drill & Blast and Geology teams, we worked on a cavity detection model as part of a Cavity Risk Management Strategy.

Utilising Measure While Drilling (MWD) data at high resolution and at scale, we looked for data signals within the ore body that might suggest the existence of a cavity.

Our model identified cavities that were subsequently realised.

Our clients

We have proudly worked with the following organisations.