Delivering value from your data

We harness the power of big data engineering and advanced analytics to present valuable, actionable business insights leading to organisational transformation.

Discover capability

Unearth the true potential of your organisation with fully operational, end-to-end workflow solutions. We mine your data to understand and optimise an existing business process or remediate a known problem, then deliver a solution that will work within your operational workflow.


Provisioning of robust data platforms which enable and expedite data discovery


Developing analytics-enabled solutions with complete operational integration


Demonstrable record of delivering high value solutions that liberate sizeable savings and/or additional revenue

Our services

From targeted projects to enterprise-wide solutions, we collate and analyse data to deliver a bespoke experience.

Big Data Engineering

Our team is backed by a wealth of industry knowledge to collect, collate and curate your data into a cloud-based platform.

Advanced Analytics

We use the latest in data science technology to analyse and deploy solutions in minimal time for maximum value.

Core competency

We manage projects ranging from local, targeted solutions to multi-million dollar enterprises on a global scale.

We service clients across multiple industries but have a particular specialisation in the mining sector.

Our clientele approach us with a diverse range of complex requests requiring a simple strategy and solution.